Electric bike conversions

We will do electric bike conversions on any bike. We can install either a hub motor kit or a mid drive. You choose, and we do the rest. Check out some of the electric bike conversions we have done.

Electric trikes Sarasota Electric trikes in Sarasota

Our E-trikes are built on a Schwinn Meridian Frame, the easiest trike to pedal that we have found. They have forward and reverse, 5 speeds of Pedal Assist AND Throttle with your choice of battery or motor.

Electric bike conversion Sarasota

This is the Giant Talon Hi Power with 1000 watt motor/48/12 battery. Capable of doing up to 30 MPH Pedal Assist & Throttle.

Electric bicycle conversion Sarasota

This is the Super Lite, weighing only 48 lbs and capable of going 30 miles at 24 mph, this one was configured with 2 batteries, doubling the distance to over 60 miles. Pedal assist & throttle.

Sarasota electric bike conversions Sarasota electric bicycle conversion
This is a Giant Cypress with the Rear Rack Battery Install with Pedal Assist and Throttle

Florida electric bike conversions
Two more Super Lights! And we can do this to any bike! Whether you want a hub drive or a mid drive, our techs can convert any bike you have into an awesome ELECTRIC BIKE! Even Recumbents – take a look at these two:

Sarasota electric recumbent bike conversion

This is an EZ Sport CX with a bottle cage battery a 36/12 battery and 5 speeds pedal assist w/Throttle over ride

Sarasota electric recumbent bike

This is the Sun Tomahawk, we did a rack battery install with the same setup

No matter what type of bike you have or want, we can fit it with an electric motor and battery. Get in touch with us to discuss what type of electric bicycle conversion you’re looking for.